Do you Manage your Projects Right?


Take the quiz and see for yourself !


What are our projects, how do we define them?
Do we have standardization project management?



Are we aware of the project scope? Do we include all relevant processes and activities in the project plan? What are the project timelines?



Where are we now in terms of tasks needed to be done during this week? next week? this month? Are there tasks which were due and weren't completed?



Do we know when we deliver? Do we know the submission date? When do we start the next clinical study?



Do we have work overload on our resources?
How much flexibility and buffering do we have?


Are we aware of the project's critical path? Can we shorten the project timelines?
Do we have scenario management? Risk Management?


Do we have a clear project plan and an efficient execution of the plan?
Are all the project team members "on the same page" with the plan?



Can we get in one visual shot a clear view of the project plans?

Are you a MediCan Pro?


If you knew how to answer at least 7 out of 8, Congrats ! you are a MediCan Pro.

If not, you can always improve. We would be glad to assist you get there !

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