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 While managing a project may seem like an easy task, in many cases the budget and time-frame deviates due to lack of organization, methodologies and commitment of the team members, especially in the Pharmaceutical industry where Regulatory constraints, QA issues, Clinical operation and intricate team integration must be managed.

Monitoring the project is also crucial for success due to the ever changing reality.


 Our services will provide you with the required planning and control fitted for your type of projects, firm and organization structure and enable you to increase projects' success rate, use resources efficiently and concentrate on strategic elements of the project.



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Additional Services


Operation Consulting - Focusing on our clients' most critical operational issues and defining the operations best practice, recognizing opportunities and leveraging the clients' strengths.


Case Studies - Learning from past experience in order to ensure future improvement. Through a structured process, and working closely with relevant team members and functions, we analyze the key factors of success as well as root causes of errors.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

Winston Churchill

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