Project Management Course



MediCan Consulting offers companies an in-house tailor-made PM course which fits the exact need of the organization to manage their types of projects in the organizational culture and work environment.

The purpose of the project management course though, usually remains the same.


Course Objectives: To provide participants with project management essentials, and enhance their Project Management skills in order to manage projects successfully.


Participants will:

  • Understand the meaning of a "project" and be introduced to project management disciplines

  • Understand common project management terminology

  • Generate ideas on how to motivate the project team

  • Become familiar with project management support tools

  • Learn practical tools and techniques




The course is separated into 2 parts: A theoretical part and a practical part which includes a workshop.

Eventually, the project management course goal is to allow nominated project managers to manage their projects more efficiently and by that, save valuable time and money while keeping the quality of the deliverables in high standards.

Excel yourself, the rest will follow

Alon Ben-Noon

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