Project Management Consulting


The 1st step to creating a robust project management environment in your organization is assessing the current situation including: work culture, methodologies, team dynamics and additional aspects. We then continue with an in-depth gap analysis where we identify the weak points in your processes and offer tailor made solutions according to your specific needs.


Our added value is by helping you:

1. Recognize the processes, milestones and critical path activities, which should be tracked and monitored.

2. Define clear roles and responsibilities by mapping out the core project team members.

3. Building the project schedule in consideration of budget and managing potential risks.


Finally, our goal is to establish the required platform to assist managing the project efficiently and assuring key factors are addressed in order to increase its success rate.

Once the right platform is in place to your satisfaction, we shall allow sufficient time to pass to re-examine the new project management environment.



Focusing on the right processes within life science fields, specializing in product development


If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail

Benjamin Franklin

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