PMO Establishment & Services 

* PMO - (Project Management Office)



Our expertise is providing you with a PMO operation which can greatly improve project success rates.



First we assist your company to define the appropriate PMO model and implementing it.

We offer to train one or more dedicated employees from your organization or provide you with a professional PMO in order to:


 - Create a project work plan


 - Monitor the project work plan


 - Keeping the team “on the same page” while tracking and communicating with all units and team members


 - Perform budget control


 - Produce a clear view on the project status while addressing critical issues


 - Minding potential risks and offering mitigation plans by facilitating real time decision making


 - Preparing several scenarios for contingency planning and management decision making


 - Implementing management routines


 - Producing routine reports

High Level Gantt


 * Product under development -

   HLG (High Level Gantt)

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