MediCan Affiliates

MediCan Consulting has a wide range of connections with experienced professionals from different disciplines in the life science field and we are glad to have them on board with us.
Dr. Inbar Freeman

Inbar is a biotechnology engineering professional.

As the BioNegev CEO, Inbar was responsible of creating and implementing Bio-Negev's strategy, of managing its customer recruitment and relations and of directing the firm to the desired goals and outcomes. She conducted and executed market research, built the strategy; allocated resources supplied by the stockholders, managed the budget and was responsible of executing the firm's tactical plan and of monitoring results.


In the past seven years Inbar is also the Head of Water Technologies Department at the Practical Engineering School at Sapir College. She accompanied the department since its inception and serves as a lecturer in several courses, a syllabuses advisor and students' final project supervisor.


Inbar has a PhD in Biotechnology Engineering with professional specialization in biomaterials, hydrogels and controlled delivery systems. She brings broad understanding and experience in chemistry, using quintessential analyses and methods, as well as in Water and Wastewater treatment technologies.


Dr. Noam Chehanovsky

Noam holds a PhD in plant sciences with over 9 years of experience in R&D and 3 years of project management in agri-tech field, a specialist in plant breeding, genetics and genomics.


Among his successes are the breeding of innovative raisin tomatoes that have reached commercialization, identification of new agronomic-important genes and loci and development of DNA markers for enhancement of the breeding process of tomato, maize, rice and sunflower.



Dr. Hagit Alon

Hagit is a Scientific Officer for Prize4Life, a non-profit organization, whose mission is  to accelerate the discovery of treatments and a cure for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a.k.a Lou Gehrig's disease) by using powerful incentives to attract new minds, new people and drive innovation. She leads an innovative technological project aimed at objectively assessing ALS disease progression by remotely monitoring patients' activity and analyzing it. Hagit holds a PhD in computational biology, focused on mathematical models of the immune system, and has masters degrees in computer science (NYU) and in life sciences (The Weizmann Institute of Science).

Dr. Mark Levitt (MD, PhD)

Mark L. Levitt, MD, PhD, is a Board Certified Medical Oncologist and Internist in the US and is Specialty Certified as an Oncologist (Medical and Radiation) and Internist in Israel.  He is currently the CEO of Levitt Oncology Associates, Ltd., an oncology consulting firm that specializes in R&D, Business Development and Strategy for the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries.  He received his oncology training at the NCI (USA) and subsequently became Director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute Pulmonary Oncology Program and an Assistant Professor of Medicine, a KOL in lung cancer and a leader in ECOG. Following his tenure at UPCI, he moved to Allegheny University of the Health Sciences as an Associate Professor of Human Oncology, Head of the Lung Cancer Program, Main Institution PI for ECOG.  He also spent a year as Director, Medical Oncology, for the NSABP.  After moving to Israel he became head of the Lung Cancer Unit at Sheba Medical Center and, concurrently, held an Adjunct Professorship at the University of Pittsburgh. He has served as the CSO/CMO of Era Massis, Inc. and Head of Oncology for Inotek Pharmaceuticals. In 2006, he joined Teva as the Global Clinical Oncology Platform Leader in Innovative R&D. In 2009 he became the Global Head of the Oncology Therapeutic Area, Teva Global Business Development and helped lead Teva to the establishment of an Oncology Franchise with the acquisition in 2011 of Cephalon.  He continued to serve at Teva until 2013 when he established Levitt Oncology Associates, Ltd., which focuses on small biotech in Israel.


Sharon Amzel-Sasson


Sharon is a professional in managing complex scale up and global site transfer projects in an international, multi interface environment - Leading a project from early clinical development stages to process design & optimization, validation, launch and post approval changes.

Sharon also has 10 years of diverse experience at Teva Pharmaceuticals as Development & Operations Manager with extensive experience in sterile production, drug-device combination products, biosimilars and nasal spray suspensions.



Dr. Mazal Shaul

Mazal is an organic chemist expert with over 20 years of experience in managing organic chemistry development projects and over 10 years of experience in managing projects at CMO companies.

Mazal offers specialized consulting services for clients worldwide in the pharmaceuticals, biotech and chemistry industries.

Her services include assistance to companies from inception to commercialization, through pre-IND filing, route scouting, chemical synthesis of intermediates and APIs, regulate guidance, project management and CMC consulting.



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